Team Eye Success

One team in the KPMG Senior School Investment Challenge hopes to uphold their school’s legacy by winning the title this year. 

Profit Bulls and Tradewins are the two teams from Bermuda Institute. They both hope to come first or second in the challenge. 


The Bermuda Bicycle Association’s 2009/10 mountain biking race season has gotten underway where the first of the Conrads Race Series events took place at Fort Scaur Park. Waiting for the starting gun in the 13 -16 age group, were Daelin Richardson and Jordan Samms, both of whom performed admirably. Daelin suffered through dehydration induced cramps to take third place with Jordan two positions back in fifth.

Environmental Awareness

Bermuda Institute is proud to announce the addition of the Scuba Diving Environmental Awareness Program S.E.A. to our list of electives. It is our intent that through the S.E.A. Program, your child will learn to become a fully certified diver while simultaneously developing a profound respect and appreciation for the island.

WaterWise at BI

Bermuda Institute has partnered with the Bermuda Sailing Association to introduce its students to the Waterwise Program. The students spend four sessions on land where they learn the basics of Optimus Sailing. Then spend four days on the water where they are able to apply the skills acquired on land. They are exposed to a multi-disciplinary learning experience second to none. The program has been deemed very successful and for some of our students a once in a lifetime experience.

Spirit of Bermda

This year's trips are promising to be the best yet. The theme is Reefs, Rocks, and Renegades: What Bermuda's Shipwrecks Can Teach Us About Our Past, Present, and Future. It is an exciting topic made even more so by the fact that our students will be given the opportunity to snorkel or if certified, scuba dive on some great wrecks.