Accreditation: 6yrs Clear

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During the week of April 6-9, 2014, representatives from the North American Division and the Middle States Accrediting Association conducted a full-scale evaluation of Bermuda Institute.

The 11-member committee, including four Union Directors of Education, gave a glowing final report to the Administration, School Board, Faculty and Staff on Wednesday evening, expressing in superlative terms their positive impression. 

They have recommended another accreditation term of six years clear, the maximum assessment rating possible.

The hard work of teachers, staff, and students is affirmed by this report.  The quality and value of our education is acknowledged by this evaluation visit.  We are committed to face the future determined to take our school to the next level as we make definite plans to accommodate the needs of our various stakeholders. 

One member of the Visiting Committee remarked to us several times that he only wished they could award a seven because there are good schools and there are great schools, and B. I. is certainly a great school. 

To God be the glory because He is truly leading our school.


Dr. Lois Tucker
Bermuda Institute