Academic Mission

The Philosophy of Education at Bermuda Institute provides a Christ centered curriculum that fosters the development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of our students. This is acquired through the combined efforts of the home, church, and the school in harmony with the standards and ideals of the Seventh day Adventist Church. This kind of harmonious development brings about a high level of satisfaction in service to the world community and preparation for the new life hereafter.

Bermuda Institute is committed to encouraging its students to develop a personal relationship with God, challenging them to academic, physical and social excellence, thus equipping them for Heaven, service to God and their fellow men.

Curriculum Description & Course Offerings

The following courses constitute the general list of courses offered at Bermuda Institute. Because all courses may not be offered every year, the Registrar should be consulted for specific details regarding courses offered during the specific academic year. Generally, the core courses are offered regularly. However, elective offerings depend upon registration circumstances. Click Here to view unique curriculum items and course outline by grade.