WaterWise at BI

Bermuda Institute has partnered with the Bermuda Sailing Association to introduce its students to the Waterwise Program. The students spend four sessions on land where they learn the basics of Optimus Sailing. Then spend four days on the water where they are able to apply the skills acquired on land. They are exposed to a multi-disciplinary learning experience second to none. The program has been deemed very successful and for some of our students a once in a lifetime experience.

Recognizing the benefits of this program, Bermuda Institute has included it in its curriculum. It will run the second week of November of each year. This is in keeping aligned with our vision of continuous school improvement through the exposure of our students to innovative and exciting new initiatives.

The students who participate in this program will not only learn life lessons of personal character growth and team development, but hands-on academic skills as well. Our students will discover, learn, develop and connect new skills and habits on the path to self-reliance, self-esteem and teamwork.

For many years, the Bermuda Sailing Association has provided sailing instruction to hundreds of students through the WaterWise Program. Many of these students continue sailing in the spring and summer programs were they acquire additional skills through instruction provided by the National Sailing Program, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club and Sandy’s Boat Club.

The next step…The Spirit of Bermuda!

“Sailing is the most difficult sport in the world”, says leading British coach and author Jim Saltonstall. The wonderful and challenging things about sailing are not just physical but also emotional and mental. In the following letters these sailors refer to the many things that sailing has given them and how it has helped them to grow. One has already been on The Spirit of Bermuda and looking forward to spending more time on her. The building blocks and consistency of the WaterWise program are critical to the success of the Bermuda Sloop Program and the continued growth and confidence of Bermuda’s youth.