Administration, Faculty and Staff

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Name Position
Mrs. Shereen Ferguson Home & School Association President
Mrs. Ruth Hetsberger English 9-10 & 12; English Dept. Chair
Mrs. Janet King Family Studies 7-8; Home Arts 9-12; Culinary Arts 12; Cooking 1-3; Food Service
Mrs. Maria Packwood Counselor; Guidance 6; Guidance/ Test Prep 7-10; Life Skills 12; Student Services
Mrs. Sonia Stevens Grade 5; Cooking 4-6
Mr. Brian McDaniel Grade 4; Keyboarding 4-6
Ms. Deonaé Dickinson Grade 2; Computer 1-3
Mr. Dwayne Caines Bible 8-11; Student Servs.; Bible & Social Studies Dept. Chair
Mr. Rohan Davis Physical Education K-12
Mrs. Cynthia Tucker Physical Education 1-12; Health 9
Mrs. Joan Goulbourne Sciences 9-12; Science Dept. Chair
Mr. Rendell Mettelus Sciences 7-10; Yearbook 10-12
Mr. Richard Smith (P/T) Superintendent of Education, Bermuda Conf.
Mr. Wayne Edwards Math 7 & 10-12; Gardening Elective 9-12; Math Dept. Chair
Mrs. Deborah Lowe Student Accounts Manager
Mrs. Janet Smith Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Gina Richardson Assistant to Administration; Student Attendance; Student Affairs; Scuba 10-12
Mr. Newbold Smith Facilities
Mr. Eardley Richardson Custodian
Mr. David Jarrett Maintenance