Bermuda Institute News

  • Accreditation: 6yrs Clear

    During the week of April 6-9, 2014, representatives from the North American Division and the Middle States...

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    Team Eye Sucess

    One team in the KPMG Senior School Investment Challenge hopes to uphold their school’s legacy.

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  • Environmental Awareness

    Bermuda Institute is proud to announce the addition of the Scuba Diving Environmental Awareness Program S.E.A. to our list of electives.

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    The Bermuda Bicycle Association’s 2009 biking race season has gotten underway where the first of the Conrads Race ...

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  • Spirit of Bermuda

    This year's trips are promising to be the best yet. The theme is Reefs, Rocks, and Renegades: What Bermuda's Shipwrecks Can Teach Us...

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    WaterWise at BI

    Bermuda Institute has partnered with the Bermuda Sailing Association to introduce its students to the Waterwise Program.

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Welcome to Bermuda Institute

We believe that every student at Bermuda Institute is special, that each is filled with great potential and has a vast variety of God-given talents and abilities. It is our firm belief that with the guidance and help of a dedicated Christian teaching staff, the potential of those talents and abilities can be developed to the honor and glory of God.

Your academic career here at B.I. can and will be a challenging, rewarding, and happy one. "I press toward the mark" is our motto, an expression of our goals and ideals. You, as a B.I. student, can help us to live up to those ideals by maintaining Biblical principles, by contributing to a healthy social environment, and by stretching your academic abilities to their limits..

Mission Statement
Bermuda Institute is committed to encouraging its students to develop a personal relationship with God, challenging them to academic, physical and social excellence, thus equipping them for Heaven, service to God and their fellow men.

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